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Neguim Beats - One Time

NeguimBeats – One Time

Neguim Beats has released something perfect. The dreamy chords and the variation of volume and different bass along the tune will make you smile and vibe and everything around you will just disappear. The brazilian vibes flow all over this amazing creation and you’ll find yourself in one of those beaches, just chilling to this.

‘One Time’ is the name of this truly inspirational tune and soon as you press play you will understand what i am saying. Shoutout to the amazing CHPRO on the art for this track. Enjoy!


Bdash - Lost In Space

Bdash – Lost in Space

Brian Houston, the man behind Bdash project brings to light another fantastic tune. ‘Lost in Space’ is a 3 minutes journey that will lead you through a dreamy universe. Futuristic is the word for the Cleveland Heights producer and good music passionate.

Although it all started as a hobby on his twenty’s, Bdash has assumed music, as a serious part of his life, several years later and started establishing his own journey as suburban music producer with a very unique style based on world renowned samples, wavy synthesisers and some original drums.

The result is a different journey each time you press play on a song produced from Bdash. You can check all of his more recent work over the Soundcloud Page: here.

Brian also believes that everyone can succeed on achieving their goals as long as their motives behind it are clear and genuine.

So it is with great pleasure that we are bringing out to public the ‘Lost in Space’ fresh new tune from this upcoming producer that we really want to hear through 2015!

Enjoy and spread the love!

TFBS 063

The Future Beats Show 063

Another great show, what else could we expect? The Future Beats Show 063 has a lot of good and fresh music to listen. Somewhere in the middle you can hear some great tunes from Soundpalette, Zuper, Wayvee, Fade Music and a lot more to get in touch with.

Also, The Future Beats Show 063 was the episode where the amazing Hallucinature EP by Invention was officially released with the support of Future Beats Records. You can get more information on this EP here.

Additionally, YazBeatz interviewed Maximus MMC and you will have the chance to know some of the secrets and where the passion for music is taking the french producer from the Flow-Fi collective. Also, everyone should check the compilation ‘Bitch, Please’ which is the celebration for the achievement of 20,000 followers on Flow-Fi Soundcloud Account!

A huge shout to Dj Complexion, Yazbeatz and the whole crew over the The Future Beats Show shuttle!

For the track list please visit the official Dj Complexion Soundcloud account here and to keep updated on Future Beats please say in touch with


alaya. issue 01

It’s been awhile since my last post, so here’s a gift for your hears: alaya. issue 01.

If you don’t know them already, here’s your chance to get in touch. ‘music we love for people we love’ it’s the theme for Alaya project, and they are achieving this by promoting and building relationships and delivering to its audience and followers the best content possible. 

Nathan Florsheim and Simon Eng have started this project from scratch with one goal: create a (amazing, this is my personal opinion) Compilation, full of talented artists from all over the world and the result is what you can hear below: a fantastic combination of talented, future and dreamy tunes that will lead you through 26 unique journeys.

You’ll never get tired of this playlist ♥️

On my side, i would like to personally salute Nathan and Simon for the great work they are doing. This is exactly what everyone should pursuit in this “industry”, although i don’t like to call it that way.

This is the future, getting everyone united: no matter race, color, country or whatever it might be a problem these days. Here at Life&Beats we have nothing but love for projects like this!

Now it’s time to enjoy the playlist!