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YazBeatz - Trick Or Treat (Halloween Special)

YazBeatz – Trick Or Treat (Halloween Special)

The co-pilot of The Future Beats Show shuttle has dropped something that will make you love Halloween this year.

YazBeatz has a special mixtape for this spooky season that will make you rejoice and hit the repeat button every time you want to vibe to a nice and well mixed tracklist. Although this club mixtape sounds way different from the ‘Feeling Faded’ series, it shows that YazBeatz is not only capable of mixing the amazing future vibes.

Actually, it made me appreciate something on Halloween season (which is something that i thought it would be impossible). And to top it off YazBeatz has made the Trick Or Treat (Halloween Special) mixtape downloadable on his Soundcloud account. This is huge and i’m sure your friends will be grateful after you show them and play this tonight!

This mixtape is the result of (and now i am quoting YazBeatz) ‘A release of all the negative energy cooped up inside my body’ and i am sure you all will connect and relate to this mixtape.

Well, done with the talking! Hit the play button and thank me (or YazBeatz) later!

R.O.M. - I Ain't Perfect

R.O.M. – Beautiful

Rommel Donald the 18 years old producer and multi instrumentalist is dropping another piece of art to daylight. ‘Beautiful’ is the latest track from R.O.M. and i am sure you will vibe to this one.

✨ Music is my life, my passion 

The unique style and love that R.O.M. inputs in each track will make impossible to leave his soundcloud account. The young and talented producer as been already featured in some really cool places, such as: Dj Complexion and his The Future Beats Show, Future Haze, Souletiquette, BBC 1Xtra and a lot more. More recently, R.O.M. and Dre Hall have been interviewed by Dj Target and result will be live this Friday (October 31st).

You can check more of this dope artist either on his official soundcloud account (here) or in another blog posts over and here.

The link for the download it’s here, and I am sure that you fell happy to know that it’s Free.

Enjoy and stay tune and updated on R.O.M. releases because each one of them is a sample of what the future has reserved for us.


ScHoolboy Q – Studio (Diabi Remix)

Diabi is a french producer from Paris and member of 75e Session crew. This talented beat maker collaborates with The French Touch Connection and became known by his solo projects: Over Time (2010) and The Cold Cell (2014).

✨ Rythm, a way of life 

This remix over Schoolboy Q’s – ‘Studio’ – is actually the first time this tune gets remixed.

Diabi has brought some chill trap to the rap and the result is what you can hear below: a soft but powerful remix that will get your attention. Enjoy!