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Goldyard - Open Field

Goldyard – Open Field

Following the ‘Fuck Culture EP’ released earlier this year, here’s the new video from Goldyard to ‘Open Field’ tune, directed by Kyle Goldberg. Enjoy!

Kacy Hill

Kacy Hill – Experience

I’m stuck. Since i first heard Kacy Hill voice, i can’t stop repeating her first ‘Experience’ tune. Apparently, Kacy found music by accident i prefer to call it Natural Selection. Her voices bumps into this electronic and catchy beat and the final result is a great melody with a greater voice production over it. ‘Experience’ also counts with a video where we can see at first place the launch of a shuttle, which lead me to think that only the stars are the limit for Kacy Hill. I honestly hope to keep hearing new tunes from her has this first Experience was truly appealing.

Below you may find the video and the audio. Enjoy!

Kolossus Records

mkz – meddle

Today i want to show you what focus and determination can lead you to, despite the age or the place you come from. Dexter Brandon is the name you have to remember to get inspirated. His the proud founder of Kolossus Records, an independent record label whose focused in finding and promoting new art, specially new music at this point. This is the result of a commitment and a dream, which is getting already some results!

So here it is another great release by Kolossus Records, bringing us a fresh new tune by mkz – ‘meddle’. You can hear more of this artist over his Soundcloud page. You’ll find yourself travelling across this tune as it starts and ends in a really smooth way, although it can take you higher somewhere along the way. Enjoy and stay tuned!


The Future Birthday Show

First of all i would like to share how happy and motivated i am this week! Even if it was Complexion’s Birthday, i felt that was me receiving a gift. I will explain.

I will have the pleasure to write some posts over The Home Of The Future Beats Show that you can find here:

Thank you for the opportunity! Now back to what’s really important!

Here it is! ‘The Future Birthday Show’ by the amazing Complexion. In this episode you can meet the man behind the shuttle in an interview leaded by YazBeatz. You’ll find many curiosities, even the funny story how his journey on the music world has started. After the talk, there’s an one hour mix with some of his favourites tunes.

There’s only one thing to say: The Future Beats Show is back, and we can certainly say that our sundays were missing this!

Now is time to prepare a cup of tea and join Complexion on his birthday party!